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Furthermore, we will continue to strive as a specialized firm to realize new technologies and new products in other to satisfy the diverse needs of our customers.

The true value of Rhee Yeon that endlessly strives for customers` joy and satisfaction in the midst of a competitive world market will be proven in the global market itself.

We will always stand by our customers as a hard-working corporation that provides happiness to society by creating a health and joyous corporate culture.

Always thinking of Customer

On the basis of motto of ' Customer-The First' from 1996, all the members of Rhee Yeon have tried to change themselves to give more impression beyond satisfaction.

Behind the excellent technologies, strategies and the passion of employees, we've made an various efforts with the thought of ' Customer-The First ' and also studied enthusiastically.

Always thinking of the Quality

The essential power of competition is the quality. Rhee Yeon has devoted all its energies to make a differentiated quality and design to meet the customers' satisfaction and to find a way to lead them.

Not being afraid of renovation, we won't neglect the investment in better products.

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