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XPS Foam Board Line
PS Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
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PE Foam Sheet Extrusion Line
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OUR Commitment at Rhee Yeon FOAMTECH is to continuously improve all our processes and activities to provide advanced products and services.

We, at Rhee Yeon FOAMTECH constantly observe and monitor the end market of our clients in processed thermal insulation, packaging and building materials.

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XPS foam board offers excellent insulation, durability and moisture proof protection.

Polyethylene foam sheet, also known as EPE, NPE, is a strong resilient closed cell foam.

Non cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foam tube for plumbing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning insulation.

Polystyrene foam sheet, also known as EPS, PSP, is a strong resilient closed cell foam.

Chemically crossed-linked Polyethylene foam sheet offers longer life, better thermal stability and insulating properties.